Your Feelings Don’t Matter

Your Feelings Don't Matter

As intentional creators, Your Feelings Don’t Matter we think we have to feel it to get it. We put a lot of emphasis on feeling first or aligning with our feelings because we think that feelings are the magical juice in creation. However, science is beginning to paint a very different picture of the creative process. Do you know Your Feelings?

We are all familiar with the phenomenon called the observer effect. In fact, it shows that we have an effect on the outcome just through our observation. In general, only the words observer effect are an oxymoron, as it is impossible to observe without participating. Scientists will spend decades unraveling the significance of the recent discovery of the Higgs boson.

However, what we do know for sure is that what was theoretical physics a few months ago is now hard science and in very simple terms we are focus machines. Feelings can be a byproduct of focus. They could be an indicator, but maybe not, and it doesn’t really matter. After all these years, science proves what conscious makers have always known. We create our reality. The curveball is, feelings are irrelevant.

Your Feelings

Today I cleaned my entire dining room for one vase of flowers. Those flowers reminded me of flowers in English country houses I’ve visited that came from the gardens on the property. That radiates wealth to me. That focus brings me one step closer to wealth. Even if I don’t “feel” it, I can still navigate my focus by looking for other things that represent wealth to me. Will it make me feel rich? Probably. But even if I don’t, it doesn’t matter. Focus is the key.

For many intentional creators, feelings can be sticky. We know how we want to feel, but we can’t always mess up those nasty emotions by behaving the way we want them to. Sometimes you feel bad and you can’t shake it. Sometimes when we feel bad we worry about what we are creating. That’s Your Feelings.

A lot of emphasis on feelings is great when they’re in line, but when they don’t, it’s frustrating. We become hyper-focused on trying to control the feeling, and when it doesn’t work, we feel like we’re not getting where we want to go. However, science says it doesn’t matter.

We know stuff like this, and it might sound like I’m splitting hairs here because chances are if I really focus on these things, I’ll feel better. But I don’t need to feel better about deliberately navigating to my next reality – and that’s all, my next reality, not a new reality or a very different creation. We are always creating a new experience of reality. Notice what we notice is how we consciously get there. You and Your Feelings.

The focus work is fun. It’s like a treasure hunt. How can I tell what I want more next? The scientific community uses the word “interaction” a lot these days. The concept of interaction can be quite literal. How can I deal with health, wealth, great romance? Interaction is magical.

Putting feelings first is like having a car without an engine. You’re not going anywhere. We don’t live in an emotional universe. We live in an energetic field. If you change your focus, you can change everything. Feelings are optional per product. That’s allĀ  Your Feelings.

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