Travel Planning Tips.

Travel Planning Tips.

Travel planning is gradually shifting from the domain of experts. To the domain of an ever-growing number of traveler experiences. And will continue to grow in that regard in the coming years. With the advent of the internet, most travel bookings and travel surveys have moved to the online space. Travel guides are excellent on-the-go resources. Travel Planning Tips.

Travel Planning Tips

But they quickly become outdated when the internet is constantly updated with newer ones. And more accurate information. User-generated sites like are updated by locals and travelers as new restaurants, hotels. And bars open and these people can also “vote” on the information they put online.

Other booking sites now rely on other travelers’ reviews. And services like Twitter allow live broadcasts of what travelers experience. With all these resources available, online travel planning is the best method. Travel Planning Tips.

Here are some of the best sites to use: is one of the best travel sites on the web. Modeled after and easily searchable by location, it provides the most current information available.

Tree’s travel forums.

Thorn Tree’s travel forums, moderated by Lonely Planet, are Tens of thousands of travelers who have almost certainly been and done whatever trip you’re planning are happy to lend you a hand.

It finds the best prices based on your travel preferences and then takes you to the carrier’s site to easily book your flight. is the king of cheap accommodations. With over 10,000 network hostels, The website has budget locations around the world,  all searchable and ready to book is a fantastic website both for connecting with the locals while traveling and for getting free accommodation.

The website allows people to host travelers around the world for free. and they often serve as guides and the perfect local guide to a place.


The rationale is that most magazines. So reviews posted by However other travelers are inherently more reliable. Many of the above websites have the common factor of user-generated content. this is increasingly becoming the determining factor for travelers.

There are many travelers who miss out on great deals on air travel just because they don’t plan their trip well or don’t know how to travel by a cheap plane ticket. To get the maximum benefits, one just needs to plan one’s air travel on weekdays between Tuesday and Thursday, as there are the fewest business trips on these days. It is always better to avoid weekends, including Saturdays and Sundays.


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