How to Love Your Travelling Companions – Top Tips For a Great Holiday

Top Tips For a Great Holiday

Here are the Top Tips For a Great Holiday. Money-A source of all evil, and most certainly a source of much debate, especially on holidays.

One wants to stay in a £ 30 dive per night and the other wants to stay in a luxury hotel for £ 150 per night? Book your hotel in advance. That said, if so, my friend Erie and I wouldn’t have chosen the luxury hotel we stayed at last night in Croatia. And that made the vacation. But for this year’s trip to China, I’ve booked a hotel in advance when I’m tired and need a shower and can’t speak the local language-this isn’t time to look for bargains-especially my friend Lucy. In this case, the story of a mouse taking a shower is anything!

It is often helpful to agree on who pays in advance for what. From time to time, you may have more or less money than you, or you may be traveling with a friend who just wants to spend more money on something. When my sister and I went to Barcelona, ​​I offered to pay for the hotel I was going to go to anyway, she was able to pay for her plane, and strangely double She saved me money because the room was cheaper than the single Top Tips For a Great Holiday.

Top Tips For a Great Holiday

But she refused and wanted to pay in her own way, so we split everything in the middle. The only exception was the spa. I really wanted to go, but she was hesitant I offered to make it her birthday present-win, win.

I have agreed to have tonight’s supper and tomorrow’s supper in the past, but this can really backfire. Especially if you forget the cost of last night’s supper after drinking a few cups too much and the next night’s supper is a bag. Of the tip. But I think this experience was good for me. That’s because I had to tell my travel companions. Remember that you also pay for petrol. Yes, I felt awkward when my friend asked me to make a receipt, but at the end of the trip, I felt that I could handle this situation. That is part of the journey.

Splitting the invoice as you progress is much easier, but it can feel strange with your lover. I once tried to talk to my boyfriend because he was dissatisfied with paying a certain amount of money, but it just got stuck Top Tips For a Great Holiday.

To be honest, it was a wonderful and incredibly sad holiday because it was the end of the time we spent together, and we knew it, and money was already a problem in our relationship became. In retrospect, the money problem was caused by hanging up my phone. Probably because it was burned very badly financially by the last serious boyfriend.

luxurious dinner

He was the kind of person who generously gave me gifts, a luxurious dinner, and a hotel. After he moved, I found out that he received our rent and was delinquent for months, and left me behind. The new boyfriend was a responsible man who was worried about paying for a taxi when we already bought a travel card here are the Top Tips For a Great Holiday.

He was absent from his job and was about to face serious travel costs. That I was in a much better financial situation. In short, I wish I had let go of the hang-up about money, understood how difficult it was for him to get me to pay, loosen the purse string, and pay for the taxi politely myself. thought!

Anyone traveling with you may pay by credit card or prepay euros, krone, and dollars in an attempt to get cashback from friends, lovers, and family. Even if I simply split it, I hate asking “when to transfer the cash to my account” and “when to go to the automated teller machine”, but I don’t want to handle it on holidays.

For families, it can be more confusing if you divide your total bill into four families, two of them are two adults, two children, and a dog, one without a dog, and the other. It’s only me. Of course my mother and brother. Those who we don’t pay will make good use of my degree in mathematics Top Tips For a Great Holiday.

The last time someone settled it roughly, I stopped and noticed that if the whole family of 2 points 4 paid the same for each other, they would pay about £ 100 more over the weekend. And I have no dogs, no children, no husbands. When I told them what I thought was a fairer split than everyone would be willing to pay, I just felt bad to ask.

Especially for big trips, you can agree in advance and write an email or text. With a good understanding of the basics, you can easily feel the little things and get in touch with some margaritas without resenting your travel companions.

Love Your Travelling Companions

However, money problems often have nothing to do with money. Looking back, sometimes we find that they are icing on the cake. If you feel overkill on your holidays (more than just a fair share of driving, organizing, translating, or just troubleshooting), you feel that someone else is renting me a drink. Well then, it doesn’t seem fair. And it’s not their fault. At the planning stage, I promise to take over the organization and drive. But in reality, when I’m tired, moody, and overkill, I blame them. So my advice there is, like you, if you are traveling confidently, accept to do more or let them drive.

Money is another matter for my oldest traveling friend. They are Irish, and if Mrs. Doyle has seen an episode of “Father Ted” being put in jail with her friends to prevent others from paying for afternoon tea, the situation. I can understand. “Clean up that wallet.” “No, no, no, I’m sure you paid for it last.” In short, I spent most of my twenties with them and did something. I was fighting to pay Top Tips For a Great Holiday.

When we lived and worked together in Paris, it was like Sex and the City before that happened, we were all poor, stabbed by Mr. Lons in an attempt to find Mr. Wright, and had a Friday. Spent in all the dangerous bars and gathered on Sunday morning for the brunch to redo it all (Saturday was amortization). And like the Sex and the City women, they all married and married their kids, but I still feel like Carrie and are typing laptops in my little apartment ( At this moment!)

A few years ago, when one of my best friends was married, I realized I couldn’t fight her and all of her family and friends for a “clean up” bet. After all, I’m in English, so I did it the English way. I’m sneaky. While they were discussing who was paying for the taxi, I monitored the meter, withdrew cash, and paid the driver in no time. This worked a few times before they got smarter to me Top Tips For a Great Holiday.

Supper is difficult, but it has become sneaky again. When the coffee came, I stopped by the bathroom and paid at the counter. When my friend asked for the bill, they were told that it had already been resolved. This worked several times. Until I tried again and my friend told me to settle the bill before arriving at the restaurant. Yeah, what do you do then?

Well, I finally did an adult thing. I had a wonderful week with my friends in Italy. I was able to spend a total of about 30 euros there again. As I was walking to the restaurant, I thanked my friend for his generosity and told my friend that he would really do so. , I really like to pay for that night’s supper. true. And they let me do it. And my credit card didn’t work. Fortunately, the only thing that broke was the credit card machine (though I suspected this was another trick).

They also called me when I broke and asked to attend holidays and parties, and probably the most generous people I know, my plane so that I could join them And a friend who offered to pay the fare for the train.

These are the kind of travel companions that cannot be loved, not because of their financial generosity, but because of their generous spirit, but their dive and organization, driving, troubleshooting, Bringing in a heavy bottle of drinking water, for the willingness to cook, wash away and share any of the work going on holidays so that we all can sit and relax and enjoy the time together Top Tips For a Great Holiday.

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