The Law of Process

The Law of Process

The Law of Process. Human life has different stages: the baby stage, the boy stage, the young adult stage, the adult stage, and the experienced adult stage. Every stage in life has a special experience that you have to gain. Your ability to learn effectively determines how you cope with the next stage.  therefore you will find that if you go through the annals of great people, they have gone through a process. the Law of Process

The Law of Process

In the baby stage (which ranges from 0-to 3 years) the baby is new to this world and would like to learn to walk, talk, run, eat, etc. In the boy stage (which ranges from 4 years to 20 years) ), the child has acquired the basic life skills of the parents. He goes to school and begins to learn formally. At this stage, the child is expected to experiment with new ideas that come to them. the Law of Process

He experiments with everything he hears or thinks. The next stage is the young adult stage (which ranges from age 21 to age 40). It is a very crucial stage. At this stage, the adult has received some level of exposure in life. His thinking ability is very sharp as he must have completed primary, secondary, and probably some levels of university or higher education. The adult is expected to master independence, creativity, language skills, and social skills The Law of Process.

The mature adult stage.

The next stage is the mature adult stage (which ranges from 41 years to 60 years). This phase is less hectic than the young adult phase. It is a very slow period; because at this stage, the adult has acquired a wide experience in all the vicissitudes of life. Every step the adult wants to take; he exercises great caution. The next stage (which ranges from age 61 to death) is the experienced adult stage.

Other stages of life have different levels of experience, but at this stage, the adult is referred to as an “experienced man.” Those at this stage of life have experienced various situations and are now retiring. You’ve seen it all at this stage of life, best described as a veteran in your chosen field The Law of Process.

Nature allows you to go through these stages as they are the refinement process towards the fulfillment of your destiny in life. As you progress through life stages, you develop good habits: the love of God, goal setting, patience, perseverance, courage, creativity, discretion, charity, faith, etc.

An example of the procedural law that is in effect in one’s life is that of Prof. Dora Akunyili, the Minister of Information and Communications. Her success is virtual. Later, she entered the Academics as a Graduate Assistant (Research Fellow) in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UN N (1982) as a Lecturer 1.

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