System and Lifeworld

System and Lifeworld

Here is System and Lifeworld. No matter how we enjoy our work, there is a clear separation between our professionals and personal/social lives. A major reason for this gap is the perceived degree of control we have over what we do in the two realms. in the first case, we generally do what we need. The social arena encompasses our interactions with family and society in general, amid professional and administrative spheres in which we operate or deal with institutional authority.

This includes all aspects of life, including family life, culture, and casual social interactions. it is the atmosphere in which we live much of our social and personal lives. The world is based on a tacit fund of shared meanings and understanding that enable us to perform actions that we know others will understand. The daily actions that we perform in the living world are therefore generally communicative in nature. System and Lifeworld

System and Lifeworld

The lifeworld is the fundamental question for all epistemological investigations. The concept has its origins in biology and cultural Protestantism.

In what we are also aware of the world is a cohesive universe of existing projects:

The system, on the other hand, refers to common patterns of strategic action that serve the interests of institutions and organizations. driven by money and power. Roughly speaking, the System and Lifeworld uses money and power to manipulate individuals to achieve their own.

Throughout history, the system has evolved from the prevailing social conditions of the late 19th and 20th centuries. The system is thus embedded in the living environment. This has to do with personal choice. Although there are those who would say we are free to get out of the race.

The provisional concept of society proposed here differs radically from the Parsonian concept in one respect. The concept of the lifeworld is obtained from an action-theoretical perspective among System and Lifeworld. That form environment for each other. The structural components of the lifeworld became subsystems of a general system.

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