How to Make a Constitution

How to Make a Constitution

Do you know how to make a Constitution? The idea of ​​enacting a supreme rule of law, otherwise known as the, is universally popular and endorsed. Most countries of the world have their constitution. It is also a popular idea that is a set of rules and regulations that command more special respect than ordinary laws. There are different types of constitutions. its structural composition. And that country’s system of government. For example, Nigeria adopts a federal constitution because of its pluralistic structure. so you must Make a Constitution.

What is Constitution?

Wade & Philips, in their book Constitutional Law, defined the constitution as “a document of special legal sanctity that sets out the framework and principal functions of the governmental organs of a state and explains the principles governing the functioning of those organs”.

While the above definition of the two recognized authorities on constitutional matters captures the essence of Make a constitution, it falls into a trap of defining a  merely as a document. There are constitutions that appear in more than one document. And in fact, the constitutions of some countries are unwritten. Great Britain and New Zealand are classic examples of countries with unwritten constitutions.

Make a Constitution

In a nutshell,  is a set of fixed rules that define the powers, functions, rights, and duties of the citizen in a particular political space. It can be codified in a single document, such as the Constitution of the United States of America, or consist of conventions incorporated into several documents such as those used in Britain. Habeas Corpus and certiorari in the UK are examples of constitutional appeal conventions.

Types of Constitution

There are basically 3 types of the constitution and these are:

A unitary constitution is one that confers supreme legislative power to one authority in a particular state. This type is usually. adopted in a state. Where the people are homogeneous. One authority is recognized. And every citizen is subject to it. so we need to Make a Constitution properly.

It is a constitution that gives overwhelming legislative powers to the regional components and weakens central authority. This constitutional arrangement makes secession of the constituent units a viable option. This model is quite unpopular worldwide.

In this case, the structure of the country is divided into two: the regional government and the central government. The regional government represents the various states that have come together to form a united country and the central government is the national headquarters of the government.

So a federal constitution is one that recognizes the division of a country into two. That is, the regional governments and the central government, but each is independent and autonomous from the other.

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