Educational Technology and Science – A Perfect Fit

Educational Technology and Science - A Perfect Fit

Even as a long-time proponent of the use of educational technology. I am still amazed at the rapid pace. At which it has become a necessity rather than a source of enrichment activities. Today’s students. And even many of the parents. having grown up with technology as a part of their daily lives. Retain certain expectations and assumptions regarding the way. Technology is used for learning. No longer can the classroom computer be set off in the corner to be used. Sporadically for special activities. nor can video be used as a babysitter. Technology must become an integral part of classroom life.

What Students Need.

If our job as educators. is to prepare students to become successful. Members of our society. They need to have exceptional listening skills, be able to use email, understand basic operating systems, use word processing and other software, and use the internet for research.

This need poses new challenges for teachers, especially those who may not feel as prepared to use technology as their students might be. Educational Technology.

Some Benefits of Educational Technology.

Educational Technology in the Science Classroom

The decision to apply technology.

Take, for example, the case of the physics teacher who needed to set up. Some labs for thermodynamics. but had no money left for supplies or equipment. Because he was lucky enough to have 8 computers in his classroom. He was able to use them to create the labs.

The site has some great simulations that this teacher feels are more interactive. And that does a better job of demonstrating the physics behind the topic than traditional labs.

Learning to solve complex problems requires. A different instructional approach than learning isolated skills. And information required for standardized testing purposes.

For example, while doing internet research. A student needs to be able to evaluate an internet source for reliability, accuracy, and bias.

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